Suzanne Somers Delivers the Goods in Bombshell

BombshellSuzanne Somer’s interviews 10 medical doctors in her latest book Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging which distills all the information in her previous books on anti-aging and health into one book. To really benefit from this book, a light read won’t do it. It’s a manual for anyone who is serious about knowing exactly how to implement anti-aging protocols, and to restore their energy and vitality, so they can enjoy their life, no matter what age they are.

You know how most books talk around this subject of anti-aging, and don’t really get to the point. This book gets to the point, and you will understand it, because it’s written in easy-to-read language.

If you are someone who is interested in anti-aging, but can’t afford to travel to the big name doctors, who have treated Suzanne and her husband Alan, this is the book for you. As you read through the interviews she does with these eleven medical doctors, you will be able to sit back and extract a lot of vital information that would cost you a bundle, if you had to pay for these consults yourself.

How to Counter the 18 Most Common Aging Factors

Not only will you get advice from specialists in anti-aging, but you’ll get a listing of the names of key supplements you can find and buy for yourself on the internet, for eighteen of the most common Aging Factors that we are prone to today. She compiles all these supplements together for you in the last chapter of the book – Chapter 18.

This chapter outlines the top products formulated by these anti-aging specialists, who prescribe them for their own patients. And since these are not widely advertised in the mainstream media, you are not likely to hear much about them, unless you subscribe to magazines like Life Extension, Life Enhancement, and the Natural Health Weekly News. And you’ll find out how to do that in the book.

Each Aging Factor is described in detail, so you know how it functions in the body, what happens as we age, and the solution you need to know to stimulate, restore, energize, support and re-balance related systems in the body. And since the body operates as an integrated whole, anything you do to help one aspect of it, will work to support all other aspects of your health.

Bonus: Read Chapter 18 of “Bombshell” at this link Advanced Age Reversal

Suzanne Somers’ Interview
Hear Suzanne talk about what’s in her book, and the extensive research she’s done for it. She’s a smart and knowledgeable business woman and author. You will also see that at 67 in this interview, she’s someone who walks her talk. Reading this book will give you access to all of her secrets, because she speaks clearly and directly, and is not holding anything back.

If you are a savvy researcher on health issues, or even if you are just getting into it, you’ll recognize this book is a must-have. Get Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging

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