Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Making You Fat?

made with real sugar PepsiYou know that something is wrong with high fructose corn syrup when you see ads touting: “Made with Real Sugar“.

What’s Wrong With High Fructose Corn Syrup?
Foods used to be made with real sugar, which was something we tried to avoid. Now manufacturers have discovered how to save money by using corn syrups instead of sugar to sweeten their products.

We are seeing the results of this change on the streets, as people balloon up into grotesque shapes and sizes.

The Problem is Glutaraldehyde
It’s involved in the process of turning corn into corn starch and then into high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). In fact, multiple toxic chemicals are used in the making of high fructose corn syrup, including mercury and glutaraldehyde.

Glutaraldehyde is an embalming chemical used in funeral homes to preserve dead bodies from decaying so quickly. It is also used to disinfect medical equipment and treat the bacteria in water systems.

Exposure to Glutaraldehyde includes but is not limited to the following symptoms: throat and lung irritation, asthma and difficulty breathing, contact and/or allergic dermatitis, nasal irritation, sneezing, wheezing, burning eyes and conjunctivitis.

Glutaraldehyde Can Burn Holes in Human Flesh
The warnings on the safety data sheet sent out with this chemical states: “can burn a hole in the stomach lining“.

But you will not see the words ‘glutaraldehyde’ or ‘mercury’ listed on any ingredient list. That’s because they are only some of the chemicals used in the making of HFCS. You the consumer only sees the final product “high fructose corn syrup”.

Mike Adams aka: the Health Ranger at Natural wrote an article: High fructose corn syrup contaminated with mercury and made using a toxic chemical catalyst that can burn a hole in your stomach that confirms what I’m saying here. And he’s not the only one. It’s important that this information be gotten out to the public, because the FDA does not protect our food supply.

What can you do about protecting yourself?
Starting now, you can start reading the ingredient list on whatever foods you buy. If consumers stop buying products with “high fructose corn syrup” in them, the manufacturers are not making money. It’s a matter of simple economics.

But it’s also a matter of your health. The buck must stop with you. If the Food and Drug Administration is not policing your food, then you have to do it for yourself. Going on a diet is not going to make you thin if you continue to buy foods with “high fructose corn syrup” in them.

Because HFCS, as well as corn syrup, fructose and all other processed sugars will make you crave more sugar.

Where else is High Fructose Corn Syrup Hiding in Your Foods?
Almost all fast food outlets serve foods with this ingredient in them. So the moment you step into them, you can be sure that you are going to get it. It’s in most sweet drinks, soda pop, bakery products, breads, cereals, luncheon meats, flavored yogurts, soups, and most pre-packaged products. Read the ingredient list on anything that you buy that has been processed.

The only guarantee you have of avoiding unhealthy sugars in your foods, is to make the recipes yourself from scratch, choosing healthy alternatives like honey, molasses, maple syrup, or stevia. Or buy prepared foods that are in the higher price range, which do not have HFCS, corn syrup, fructose or other processed sugars.

The choice is yours: Spend Your Money or Spend Your Time
Either way, isn’t your health and that of your loved ones worth it? And of course, as a reward for your efforts you will lose weight and look more attractive. 🙂

Update: Corn Syrup is getting such bad press lately that the manufacturers are deciding to change the labeling on packaging to read “corn sugar” to try and fool people. Don’t be fooled. “Corn Sugar” is another name for “High Fructose Corn Syrup”.

Sources: Washington Post and Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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