How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

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Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are taking matters into their own hands, and finding workable skin-care solutions that are fresher, cheaper and safer than many of the expensive creams on the market.

Most of the high priced anti-aging creams are between $25 and $50 per 2 oz bottle. However, you can save by making your own Vitamin C serum and adding it to your own inexpensive creams and lotions. Find out how to do it here.

Why Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams?

  • You save money
  • You’ll always have a fresh, clean, active batch of cream available
  • You can control the purity of the creams you buy by avoiding chemical-laden products
  • And it’s easy to do.

It’s really super easy to make these things. You can make a new batch in 2-3 minutes. And you’ll feel good about being able to do this. After you see the results, you can tell your friends.


Recipe for Homemade Basic Vitamin C Serum
You can create your own moisturizing creams and lotions by infusing them with Vitamin C. The best way to do that is to dissolve pure Vitamin C, in the form of L’ascorbic acid powder, in water and then add it to a cream base. Takes 2-3 minutes to make. The video below shows you how to make Vitamin C Serum.

How to Make the Serum:Vitamin C in Brown Bottle
Get a 4 oz amber apothecary bottle that has been sterilized in boiling water and cooled.
Fill the bottle with distilled water.
Add 2 tsp of Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid or L-Ascorbic Acid.
Note: I have found a pure form of Vitamin C that is very inexpensive, and it is not buffered.
If you use a buffered form of Vit C, it will turn your pillows and bedsheets orange.
It’s best to use a plastic spoon to avoid a potential reaction with the metal.
Dissolve the Vit C powder by shaking it in the bottle. Add a little more water if the powder doesn’t dissolve easily.
Optional: Once dissolved you can add a little Vegetable Glycerine to the bottle to make the solution smoother, and to stabilize the Vit C.

Note: The stronger solution of Vitamin C can sting a little if you are not used to it, but it won’t do any damage. That’s the Vitamin C working on your skin. That being said, however, make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes.

Tip: You can make a less strong solution by reducing the ratio of Vitamin C to water. Use either 2 tsp in 4 oz of water for a stronger solution or 1 tsp in 4 oz of water for a less strong solution.
You must protect this solution from exposure to light and air or it will oxidize and become useless. It will last for 1-2 weeks in a dark bottle, in your fridge or in a cool dark place. Best to date it.

To Enhance the Effect of the Vitamin C on your skin:
Dampen cotton makeup pads with the Serum solution above and pat this on your face, neck, hands and arms. Then apply your “Homemade Moisturizing Lotion” over that.

Recipe for Homemade Moisturizing Lotion
This lotion is used to restore your skin to allow it to repair itself. Use it for dark circles under your eyes and to keep your skin moisturized. Use it to control brown spots on face, arms, hands, elbows, shoulders wherever you need to use it by applying it to face, neck, décolletage, and anywhere you have brown patches. The beauty of being able to make it yourself, means you will feel free to use it liberally on your body, because it doesn’t cost so much.

Warning: Keep it from getting in your eyes. Wash with running water if you get it in your eyes. Vitamin C can sting if you are using the stronger solution.
Wash your hands completely after using it. You don’t want to touch your eyes or your kids with this on your hands. If you have a baby, be especially careful not to handle him/her with this lotion on your hands. It’s easy to wash off with water.

Quick Tip: If you buy your moisturizer in a pump bottle, it is easier to dispense. Save an empty pump bottle and refill it as below, I use Fragrance Free Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion in the Pump bottles.
Best deals are at Costco or on Amazon Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Twin Set – 18 oz

Here’s How to Make Your Vitamin C Moisturizer:
Remove 10 tsp of your favorite lotion and place it in the empty pump bottle.
Add half of the 4 oz bottle of Vit C Serum Solution to the lotion in the pump bottle.
Shake vigorously to make sure the serum is thoroughly mixed into the lotion.
Now the lotion is ready to use.
You can keep this in your refrigerator for extra freshness, or store it in a dark place that’s easily accessible.
You must use this within 1-2 weeks. It loses its effectiveness after 2 weeks.

Note: Store in a dark place with the lid tightly sealed.
The container you choose must be able to keep out any light.
If you use a clear jar, you can wrap it in aluminum foil to make sure the light doesn’t get inside.
Keep in the fridge up to two weeks. Then discard and make a new batch.
Stay environmentally friendly by cleaning and reusing the containers.

Use it as a face and/or body lotion at least 4 times a week, if not everyday. Adjust to your needs.
Use the serum in the bottle using a makeup pad, and go over the face, neck, arms, hands, wherever you need it.

Hot Tips:

Tip: You can apply Vitamin E to boost the moisturizing and lightening effect of Vitamin C. Just roll it on after applying your moisturizing lotion.

Tip: Be sure to use sunscreen because Vitamin C is not a sunscreen.
If you don’t use sunscreen, you are undoing the good you are doing by using Vitamin careEasy Coconut Cleansing Scrub for the Face
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil – you will need to cool it to a semi-solid form to be able to work with it.
1 Tbsp Baking soda
Make it in a 1:1 ratio, that is one tablespoon of baking soda to one tablespoon of creamy coconut oil.
It’s easy to make a batch and store it in a small bottle. This doesn’t need to be kept from the light. Or you can just make it as you need it.

Massage over your face and neck at night. Leave for a few minutes. Then wipe it off. Apply your moisturizer.

Alternative Cleanser: Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Baby Bath
is very soothing and comes with a light Lavender or Vanilla scent.

Do-It-Yourself Sugar Scrub for Hands & Body
For rough dry hands, wet them with raw evaporated cane sugar. This is a natural byproduct of the manufacture of cane sugar. It has no scent. You can get it in fine granular form in health food stores. If it’s not fine enough, put it through a coffee grinder to reduce it to a finer consistency.

Rub your hands gently with the sugar to exfoliate the dry skin. Then rinse. Apply your moisturizer. In your shower, go over your body with the sugar, and when you rinse it off, your skin will be baby soft. Apply your moisturizer after your shower. How often you wish to use this routine, is a matter of personal preference.

Nigella’s Skin Care Routine
The video below will show you what one 56 year old woman has discovered, about how to care for her skin. She makes her own skin creams and lotions, and the routine that she describes obviously works. She looks 20 years younger than her chronological age. In this inspiring video you will see how easy her routine is. She makes you feel like you can do it.

You will need to experiment with her suggestions. She is suggesting what has worked for her.
Nigella recommends the Vaseline product line, see links below to buy these products.
I recommend the Aveeno line because I find that it has fewer chemicals.

Inexpensive Moisture Creams
If you have run out of your own Vitamin C infused lotion, and don’t have time to whip up a batch, you can substitute these creams in a pinch. These creams have had good results. But be sure to get back to your routine as soon as possible. Consistency and determination will give you results.

Nigella’s Recommended Creams
– recommended in her video.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion – Fragrance Free
– for moisturizing the body

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream – for neck and face at night.

Vaseline Healthy Hands and Nail Conditioning Lotion
– to keep your nails strong – use 3 times a week

Dove Hand-Held Exfoliator – Facial Cleansing Massager

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100

Products with Fewer Chemicals
– these are the ones that I use.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Twin Set – 18 oz

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Baby Bath
– very soothing and comes with a light Lavender or Vanilla scent.

Nature’s Gate Pure Roll-on Vitamin E Oil

This Vitamin C powder is the purest and finest I could find.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) powder pure- 1.8oz / 50g

Spread the Word
Boosting your own creams with a Vitamin C serum that you can easily make, will increase the collagen in your skin, lighten age spots, and smooth out fine wrinkles on your face and neck. It should take about 4 weeks of everyday use to see results. But it could take longer. Nigella has been doing it since she was in High School. Allow time to see results. You can now afford it. And congrats on joining the do-it-yourself skin care movement among smart women, who are making time to take care of themselves.

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