How to Look Younger at Any Age

What can a 81 year old woman tell us about how to look younger? Plenty, it appears! At age 81, Oleda Baker’s looks are nothing short of phenomenal! She not only looks much younger, she moves and acts like a woman 40 years younger than she is. And that’s something you just can’t fake.

Take a look at this video of Oleda at home, relaxing and enjoying herself dancing at 81.

Shared with Oleda’s Permission

Does Oleda Know Something We Don’t Know?

Oleda may have discovered an anti-aging secret that even she does not realize. The clue is in the belief she has always lived by: “If you are gaining weight, just eat less”. It turns out, according to the research, that people who are thin live longer. Is that her secret?

If Oleda looked old and her skin was shriveled up, we could dismiss her. At a certain age, many women willingly retire into the background, glad to be off the “roller coaster” of life. But one look at Oleda, and you know she is loving the ride!

And she is not someone you can easily dismiss. At 5 ft 8 inches, she weighs just 121 lbs. Her doctor says she has the bone density of a 23 year old. Oleda seems to have defied the ravages of aging to look younger than her age. Her face still looks fresh and soft. She moves with grace and ease in her videos and her posture is perfect.

She is a remarkable example of those rare few who decided early in life, to make every effort to preserve their health, and enhance their lives, by staying as young looking as they possibly could. And to that end, she has lived a life of preventive, proactive maintenance, on every level.

Oleda’s Doctor Reveals How She Takes Care of Herself

Here is Oleda’s doctor – Dr. Nabil Aboukair – speaking about his experience of knowing Oleda for almost 20 years. This video was done in 2014, just before her 80th birthday. Watch this inspirational video and hear for yourself what he says.

Shared with the Special Permission of Oleda

Below is Oleda at 71 with her 71 year old husband, Richard.

Oleda Baker and her husband

How Has Oleda Managed to Look Younger?
As we age, how we have lived our lives really shows in our bodies and on our faces. We live at a time when many people are rushing through life at an alarming pace, becoming obese, developing diabetes, heart disease and immune problems, at earlier and earlier ages. So, the question in my mind was: How did she accomplish this with her busy lifestyle?

The Beginning
Oleda has promoted her business of marketing beauty, health and anti-aging products on the basis of her own youthfulness, using herself as the centerpiece. This year she is 81, and looks 40 years younger. In the sixties, she was a top model for Plaza Five Modeling in New York, and later joined the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. She began modeling at 26 in 1960, which, at that time, was considered ”old” for a model.

When she applied to the famous Ford Model Agency, however, they weren’t put off by her age. In fact, the shrewd Eileen Ford said: My dear, “you look 19, you are 19!” And she immediately offered her an assignment. Oleda has never retired. She still continues to model when called upon.

Here she is, in an ad for perfume taken in 1986, when she was 51 years old.

Oleda at 76

Here is a spoof of this ad when she was 76 years old!

Time has proven that Oleda is a woman who walks her talk. Her book cover shows her at 75, looking 45. And she claims that she has never had a face-lift. Moreover, these claims are certified by two medical doctors, who have examined her and confirmed that she has never had a facelift. Their statements are printed in the book. But she has allowed herself to access other things that enhance her looks, and that’s what I was after.

What Keeps Oleda Youthful and Ageless?
I was curious as to how she maintains this dewy fresh youthfulness and flexibility, the body of someone 40 years younger. So I read her book. The book is an easy read. In it she lays out her routine to look younger. It’s such clear and simple common sense, I wondered why don’t we all do this.

It appears to me that her excellent health and youthfulness is the result of consistently paying attention to the little things, like exercise and good nutrition, posture, skin care, weight and bone structure.

Here is a video interview of Oleda at 75. The sound is out of sync but you can follow the conversation and see her in action, especially at the end when she is dancing up a storm.

Here Are Oleda’s Routines?

  • She takes 4 supplements every day, that suit her particular needs.
  • – a Multi vitamin
  • – B complex vitamin which she’s been taking for 40 years
  • – aloe vera juice
  • – a veggie-fruit concentrate that comes in powder form.
  • She has been on Hormone Replacement Therapy for 25 years to maintain her hormones, and keep them at a healthy level.
  • She watches sun exposure, and protects the skin from UV rays with large brimmed hats and sun screens.
  • She lays out her skin care regime – teaching a “Mini Facelift” cleansing routine.
  • She describes the facial exercises she uses to maintain her facial musculature, tone her lips, prevent double chin, tighten neck muscles and loose skin, and lessen furrows between mouth and chin.
  • There’s a chapter on youthful hands, nails and feet. They say: “You can always tell a woman’s age by her hands”.
  • Oleda is known for the special care she has lavished on her long, blonde, shoulder length hair. She has broken the rule that long hair on an older woman looks out of place, or silly. Her hair, which is all hers, and not enhanced with extensions, looks fabulous! Another remarkable thing is that she cuts, colors and styles her hair herself!
  • She uses Botox and Collagen injections. She also stimulates the collagen in her skin every day with her “Mini Facelift” cleansing routine.
  • Her basic philosophy about weight issues is simple: “If you are gaining weight, just eat less”. And it works for her.

Oleda’s Lifestyle Shows How to Look Younger
I asked myself, if I could live this kind of lifestyle, would I get the same results? Oleda’s world is one of consistent habit, constant maintenance, and prevention. And the human body thrives on this kind of attention. You can see the results she gets from applying her routines day in and day out, without fail. And there are no shortcuts.

Oleda says: “So many people actually speed up the aging process and then wonder how they got looking and feeling so old”. She maintains that “procrastination and lack of information” are the two worst enemies of staying healthy, beautiful and young.

Her business has been built around the fact that, she herself does not seem to age at the same rate as most other people, because she takes care of herself. So she has had a real incentive to maintain her proactive lifestyle. But nonetheless, this is the real-life proof that we can do it too. And you are never too old to start.

Oleda Today at 81 Years Old
Oleda is happily married, and a grandmother of three. She continues to run her own Beauty Business, and is a successful author and artist. Oleda says that her life is full and busy, and she’s not slowing down.

For over 45 years, the world has been watching Oleda delay the aging process. She is obviously doing something right. Maybe it’s time we paid attention to what she is saying.

Glamour At Any Age
Oleda creates an aura of “glamour” around herself. She dresses to camouphlage figure flaws, and projects confidence and poise. She says that anyone can be glamorous, no matter how old she is, or what body type or skin color she has.

Oleda’s Definition of “glamour”:
“poise, good manners, a certain glow, excellent posture, looking aware and alive, and showing an interest in other people”.

Book Cover for Breaking the Age Barrier Her recent book Breaking the Age Barrier published in 2010, is inspiring and well worth reading. It lays out step by step, what she believes, and what she has found works to maintain an ageless body. The book is deceptive in it’s clarity and simplicity. It’s easy to dismiss. But don’t be deceived by its simplicity. This book has some real gems hiding in it. Take it seriously and you will benefit in surprising ways.

Oleda doesn’t just write a good book, she has been living it her whole life. She shows how it’s done, how to look younger at any age.

Oleda has something to say, that we need to hear. And she is sharing it in her book: Breaking the Age Barrier: Great Looks and Health at Every Age.

Research on the Relationship Between Human Growth Hormone and Fasting

Recent research has revealed that fasting lowers the risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes, and also causes changes in blood cholesterol levels, increasing the total cholesterol in the body. This increase in cholesterol is beneficial, since it allows the body to burn fat, instead of glucose. When this happens the number of fat cells in our body declines, and the fewer fat cells we have, the less likely we are to develop insulin resistance, or diabetes. This takes care of coronary artery disease, diabetes, cholesterol problems and obesity.

But one of the most remarkable results of keeping food intake low, is the stimulation of production of hGH or human growth hormone, which is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain.

Could This Be Oleda’s Secret to Look Younger?
Minimizing food intake, or fasting even over a 24 hour period, has been shown to increase the blood levels of hGH in women by 1,300 percent, and a whopping 2,000 percent in men! This could very well be associated with the kind of slowing down of the aging process, or delay in age-related decline of body changes, such as weight-gain, bone and muscle loss, that we are seeing with Oleda.

If this is true, it gives us more insight into how someone like Oleda, may have inadvertently discovered the secret to keeping the body young looking. Her body may be producing high levels of its own hGH. And our own hGH, rather than injections, is the best kind of human growth hormone we can have, because it counters the aging process, without the negative side effects associated with hGH injections.

How hGH Works
The presence of hGH in the blood stimulates the liver to produce another hormone called IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1), and IGF-1 is the real anti-aging catalyst we need in our the bodies. This is what hGH injections do, they stimulate the production of IGF-1. But hGH injections cost thousands of dollars. Why pay, when you can manufacture your own hGH by reducing your food intake?

Are You Up For the Challenge?
Lose the weight, look younger, and stay healthy all your life! What an incentive keep us motivated when we feel those hunger pangs! As long as we are hydrated, getting the necessary vitamins and minerals, getting proper exercise and having proper elimination, we can stay healthy on a diet of very little food. And in this day and age, with so many GMO products, with all the pesticides and other chemicals that we consume in our foods, this may not be a bad thing. Reduce your food intake, lose some weight, and stay young looking. Who’s up for giving it a try?

Want to Have a Slimmer Waistline?
Oleda’s mother achieved results with this exercise. Here’s what she says:

“I was always amazed as a young girl to watch my Mother doing some exercises that, she said, trimmed her waistline. Even when she needed to lose weight “all over” she still did this exercise routine. . . even when she was overweight she still had a waistline. In fact she had a very nice waistline her entire life. This simple routine is still valid today, so let me share it with you.”

1. Stand with your feet about 18 inches apart, hold your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Twist from side to side at the waist, letting your arms swing back as far as they will go, hold 1 second, press back another inch. Return to starting position. Rest 1 second and repeat in the opposite direction. Do 10 times.

2. Stand as in step one. Extend one arm straight down toward the floor, let your right arm try to reach your right foot and let the other arm extend back toward the ceiling as far up as you can go. Rest 1 second, press another inch. Return to starting position. Rest 1 second and repeat in the opposite direction. Do 10 times.

3. Continue standing as in step one. Raise both arms straight up over your head as far as they will go, this time parallel to the wall. Bend your hands at the wrists with palms facing the ceiling. Then, feet flat on the floor, slowly r-e-a-c-h up. Hold for 5 seconds. Reach one more inch, relax and return to starting position. Do 10 times.

4. Change position. Sit down with your ankles crossed. Lean the side of your head on your left hand, elbow slightly bent. Raise your right arm straight up over your head with palm facing upward and force it as far as you can toward your left side. You should feel the stretch in your right waist. Hold 5 seconds. Change sides, working the left side of your body. Do at least 6 times each side.

Repeat everyday for a month, then 3-4 times a week.


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