Stepping Through the Stargate into a New Life

The Stargate
You can learn how to create your own personal stargate. There are 3 easy steps to manifesting what you want, and stepping through your own personal stargate into your dream. I like the simplicity of this method, because you can do it anywhere, and it’s easy to remember.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Make a mental picture of what you want – see it in your mind’s eye.
  2. Infuse it with emotional energy – see it shimmering – as if you are looking at it through a stargate.
  3. Now step into that picture – and feel the energy of it all around you.

We are vibrational beings, and the way we feel is everything to us. It makes our life. Being in alignment with what you want, means finding the thought that makes you feel you already have it, even before it manifests in your life. That is the key to having it. When you can feel like you already have it, then the path that will take you to it, will start to unfold before you.

And feeling good about where you are – being satisfied with that, is the fastest way to arriving at where you imagine you’d like to be.

Start living life the way you want it to be
Each day, stand before your own personal stargate and step through the fluid, flow of energy into your new life. Feel like you are already over there, and when you feel like you are over there, you will be there.

A Meditation for Manifesting Money Through Your Stargate

Practice, using this example. This soothing music will get you into the feeling of Manifesting what you choose. Pretty soon, you’ll be living more over there where you want to be, than here. That’s when it happens. You will have crossed over into your new life, and it will unfold in the here and now.

It’s only Impossible If You Believe It Is
A Story About Harry Houdini

Here is a story that I came across about escape artist, illusionist, stunt performer, film producer Harry Houdini who lived at the beginning of the last century.

A London bank, attempted to use his huge popularity and fame, to advertise their state of the art locks. They challenged him to break out of their vault because they were certain he would be defeated.

Read the story here and you will see that the only obstacles that are impossible to achieve in this life are there because we believe they are. Your mind is the key.

Unlock your mind and you can accomplish anything. As soon as you begin to know that in your heart, you will soon be amazed to find that, not only will any door open to you, but there really are no doors at all, just the illusion of doors that must be unlocked.

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