How to Create a New Vibrational Tone in Your Life

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When you set your vibrational tone to that which pleases you, the universe must reflect that vibration or tone and yield back to you something that matches the vibration you are putting out.

You can stop a negative experience of life at any time, by changing the way you think, and how you feel. And if you can maintain that new tone for at least 30 days, you will have reset your life.

Abraham Hicks ~ On Setting the Vibrational Tone For Your Life

What Vibration Are You Offering to the Universe?
It is always true that what you are thinking and feeling, and what is manifesting in your life, are always a vibrational match.

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. Or in other words as Abraham says: “What I am thinking and what I am receiving are always a match vibrationally. Sometimes the words that we are speaking are a perfect vibrational match to the words that are within us. But very often the asking that we are doing vibrationally, is not the asking we think it is.”

Abraham asks: “Could this be why it is we may not get what we are asking for, or why it is we get what we are not wanting?”
Dr. Wayne Dyer says it another way: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Law of Attraction says: Like attracts like.
How do we attract what we like into our lives? By making a decision that nothing is more important than that you feel good. Because the way you feel is the best indicator of your vibrational harmony or your vibrational alignment with your well-being.

How to achieve vibrational harmony with Well-being
Abraham says: You have to be determined to say that nothing is more important than that I feel good.
Then little by little, each day, the same way we pick up negative thinking, we can pick up more and more good feeling thoughts.

Remember This Mantra for Starting Your Day

“Today, no matter where I go, no matter what I am doing, no matter whom I’m with, it’s my dominant intent to look for that which I am wanting to see, which makes me feel good when I see it.”

And as you look for reasons to feel good, you’ll find reasons to feel good.
And as you find reasons to feel good, you’ll feel good.
And as you feel good, you let in that goodness – that clarity, abundance and well-being into your vibration.

Abraham Hicks-You Can Set The Tone!
For another take on this concept. In the audio excerpt below from Abraham-Hicks, if you will begin listening at 8:15, you will hear her talking about how we project who we are, as we interact with others around us, and we can begin to set the vibrational tone in our own lives, that we want others to respond to.

She calls it “deliberate creation” – understanding the role you want to play in life and find it’s emotional, vibrational basis first, and practice that until that is who you are. In this way you can make your own life happen the way you want it to be, because the whole universe around you must respond to the vibration that you are emanating.

As she speaks to an actor about changing the vibrational tone in his own life, we can see this also applies to all our lives. Those around us will react to the vibration we are emanating. We are all actors in our roles in life and everything else is responding to that which we are emanating. You decide who you are. And others will have to decide if they want to respond to you in the vibration that you are emanating.

To put it more generally, we are all actors on the stage of life, playing the roles we choose to play, and everything and everyone else around us, is responding to the vibrations which we are emanating in those roles.

Darryl Anka – Following Your Excitement
One of the clearest explanations of how to achieve the life you want, is given by Darryl Anka, in an interview with Lilou Mace.

Darryl says that by acting on our highest excitement, to the best of our ability, with no assumption of how the outcome should look, we allow our Higher Self the space to use that excitement to bring us closer to the goal. He says that it’s that “Excitement” that we feel when we think of something we want, that is the engine or driving force of our life.

People who follow what excites them, have a better chance of living a happier, more satisfying life, than those who second guess themselves all the time, or have to run their dreams through the filter of their minds in order to see if they make logical sense, first, before they can allow themselves to move ahead.

Just like a car runs on gas or electricity, our life is better run on feelings of excitement. They are a better guide than logic, because logic is limited. It can only see so far ahead, and it can never know all the things that can come along to throw the process off track. But if we follow our excitement, we only have to focus on the next step ahead, and let the synchronicities that happen as we follow our dream, carry us along. It’s a beautiful way to live life. But it takes a lot of guts, or a free spirit, to make it work.

When you realize that we can never be prepared for all eventualities in life, that many things can sabotage the best laid plans, it makes more sense to follow your heart.

Starting at 31:15 on the video below and continuing to 37:00, Darryl begins to talk about this Self-Guiding formula.

Here is the self-guiding formula that takes you where you want to go.
1. Excitement is the driving engine of your life.
2. It’s the organizing principle of your life. – It determines the priority of what you need to act on next. It keeps your steps ordered so you are doing the most efficient thing.
3. It’s the path of least resistance in your life. So all the struggle goes away. You don’t have to push, you get led to where you need to be, when you need to be there.
4. It’s the thread that leads to all other excitements that need to be in your life. Even if, on the surface things don’t look like they are connected, if they contain that element of excitement, then that excitement is telling you that you are on track, and they are connected.
5. Excitement is also the mirror that reflects to you anything that is out of alignment, so that you are given an opportunity to bring it back into alignment with your excitement. Excitement will tell you what is out of alignment in some way, shape or form, and if you are willing to let that piece that doesn’t fit go, then you will bring it all back into alignment again.

So by following this formula, you allow excitement to work for you.

The Role of Synchronicity
Synchronicities are signs that you are on the right path, and that’s the way things are supposed to be, effortless, and ecstatic.

Synchronicities often are the way you indicate to yourself that you are in alignment with the path you want to be on.

Take The First Step
Look at your options right now, and ask yourself which one holds the most excitement for me right now, and that I have the greatest ability to act on?

Then act on it, with no expectation that this option actually has to happen, just move in that direction to the best of your ability.

Then whatever needs to happen will happen. Whatever happens will serve you in the best possible way.

The excitement you feel moves you in the direction that gets you to the next point you need to be.

Don’t overanalyze it, or over think it because then you start to doubt and question your next step.

The fact is that the excitement is telling you that they are linked, this step and the next step. And if you follow that excitement, then you will see how they are linked.

But if you let your mind talk you out of following your excitement, then getting to where you want to go will be a constant struggle. And there are no assurances that where you think you want to go, is actually the best place for you.

Whereas, following your excitement will always get you to the best place you need to be, because of the constant readjustments you make along the way.

Thinking vs. Feeling
We’ve been taught to think our way through. But it’s really about feeling your way through. Feeling that expansiveness that holds the vibration.

That’s why passion is so important. Passion is the guiding mechanism. It embodies the heart and the feeling.

“When the mind tries to take over, and thinks it has to control everything, then everything really becomes out of control. We are already in control, and if we trust our life and trust ourselves, and love ourselves, then we will experience that everything is in balance.” ~ Darryl Anka

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