Becoming Reacquainted with the Spirit of Money

gold coinsWhat is Your Relationship with Money?

Money problems are at the root of many health issues, because our relationship with money has become so unreal, so fraught with fear and uncertainty. Being so conflicted about not having enough money, losing money, owing money, being charged interest on money owed, is counter-productive. This post will show you how to forge a new positive relationship with it, that will permit you to attract more money into your life, and allow it to make life easier.

How Money Transitioned from Gold into Thin Air

Money as we know it, originally started out as gold coins. They were real gold pieces that you could hold in your hands and feel. People used to test the authenticity of it by putting it between their teeth. There was something reassuring about being able to see and feel your gold.

Later this way of holding value moved from gold coins to metal coins made partly of silver or gold. Next the gold and silver was taken out of coins completely, and its value was represented by nickel and copper coins. The holders of the coins, however, were assured that gold reserves were backing up their coins in bank vaults somewhere. And all they needed to do was take their metal coins into a bank and the bank would give them real gold or silver for them. Few people however, realized that through this process they were being distanced from their money.

What is the Real Value of Your Paper Money?

Somewhere between the 17th and 19th centuries coins morphed into paper money, which was still backed by gold reserves. Bank receipts or notes became legal tender that could be transferred back into gold or silver at any time. And this form of currency was stable for a long time.

After WW II most countries adopted “representative money” or bank notes as the norm, and they were fixed to the value of the US Dollar. In 1971 however, the US government suspended this agreement and bank notes were taken off the gold standard. So banks were no longer required to hold gold in their vaults to match the quantity of bank notes they issued to people. This was a very dangerous turn of events – because it meant that any amount of money could be printed without the backing of gold reserves.

How Money Became Virtual

In the 1960’s money morphed into virtual currency as credit cards came into use. But it was not until the 1990’s that virtual money took off, with the demand for exchange of money online, and point of sale terminals began to appear in local stores everywhere. Internet commerce exploded and it became useful to have a credit card. People began to leverage their paycheques which were being deposited in banks, by applying for credit cards, which made the money in their bank accounts more easily accessible, easier to spend, and it also allowed people to extend their money. Being able to buy on credit made it appear like they had more money than they actually had in their bank accounts. It became easy to overspend, and to go into debt.

Nowadays, money is just a figure on a bank statement. We have been separated from money as it used to be. So we no longer have the same respect for it, nor do we see it in the same way as our great grandparents did, when money was handed to them in an envelop and they knew exactly how much they had.

Today a great many people are over-extended or leveraged over their actual worth, through the use of credit cards. So they may get a paycheque, but that money is already claimed by the credit companies. If they default on paying their credit, they risk becoming a bad credit risk, and not being able to get anymore credit. And that would mean a severe drop in the quality of their lifestyle, because they would not be able to pay their bills.

How Much is Your Money Really Worth at the Bank?
roll of American money
Today if you go into a bank with your paper money and ask for gold, chances are they will say, we don’t have any gold to give you. You will have to go to a place that sells gold and buy it there. The question becomes, what is paper money worth today? Does it have any real value in terms of gold? What is the money you have in the bank really worth?

What happens if There is a Run on the Banks?

If there is a run on the bank – meaning everyone wants to get their cash out of a bank at the same time, the original assurance that banks used to give us, that they had an obligation to give us our money is no longer valid under those circumstances.

For example, if you believe you have $2,000 in your account when the run begins on the bank, what are your chances that you will be able to have access to that cash? Banks are not required anymore, to hold enough cash in their vaults to represent all the virtual money they have on their books. And so a bank can just close its doors when the cash runs out, and your money, or the value of the money you thought you had there, is gone — vanished into thin air!

You may think this is unrealistic. But it is very real indeed.

When a large number of customers withdraw their deposits from a bank at the same time, either demanding cash or precious metals, because they believe that the bank might become insolvent, this becomes a self-fulfilling expectation. A bank run generates its own momentum, because as more money is withdrawn the likelihood of the bank running out of money increases. This can happen in a matter of hours. When the bank runs out of cash, it suspends operations and your money becomes inaccessible. At that point, you are literally at the mercy of the bank.

Forging A New Relationship with Your Money

Because so few people have any savings or real money of any kind these days, our understanding of money is much more illusive and unreal than it’s ever been. Today we have seemingly unlimited access to credit, which distances us from having any real relationship with money. This poses a problem when we try to manifest money. It’s difficult to get a sense of what money really is. Since when we are over-leveraged, and living on credit, we actually have no money. So what are we trying to manifest? Are we trying to manifest more credit? Credit is not money.

All this is very sobering. We need a new understanding of money. We need to get back into a real relationship with money, in order to be able to create more of it. Let’s take a closer look at the essence of what money really is.

Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money

Below, Inelia Benz leads an exercise that you can do to change your perception of money to something positive. In this exercise you meet money as an energy form, or a personality. Some people call it the Spirit of Prosperity.

Recap of Inelia Benz’s Meditative Exercise: Meeting the Spirit of Money

Find the largest denomination of bill or note that you can lay your hands on right now. Place it between your two palms in prayer pose, resting your hands gently on something in front of you, so that they are comfortable.

The Goal: To get acquainted with the energy of money. To allow it to express itself in your energy field.
1. Hold the money between your palms and clear your mind.
2. Feel it between your palms. Allow it to be there. Soon you’ll notice that a distinct warmth emanates from it. That’s the first sign of life. It’s warm.
3. Welcome it and invite it to show itself to you in whatever way it wishes.
4. And then just observe. Quieten your mind and notice what happens next.

What images or thoughts come to your mind? These show you how you think of money.
Are they positive or negative images?

What to Do With Negative Images of Money

1. Thank the image, the feelings, the blockages that you recognize as fears about money, and release them.
2. Allow the warm energy of money to enter into your energy field. Your energy field is your life, it’s you. It’s your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your reality. Feel that energy joining with you, coming into your energy field.
3. Begin to allow good feelings, positive feelings to be in you about money. You are allowing money to express itself to you as it really is – a gentle, joyful, beautiful warmth, that is alive and aware of you. Speak to it and ask it to be in your life, welcome it to join with you by becoming part of your energy.

Do this exercise everyday, at least once, until you feel comfortable with your new friend. Until you can feel happy about having money in your life. Until you can laugh at the thought of having money in your life. Because the spirit of prosperity/money loves to laugh.

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