An Exercise for Releasing Fear From Your Life

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Fear is at the root of many of our health issues. It can take over your mind, and your health can go downhill very fast. But when you realize that fear enters your life to teach you something, and you learn that lesson, then it has no reason to stay, and you can allow yourself to release it. Here is an exercise that effectively removes all fear from your life. It takes you step by step through the processing of fear to the point where you are able to let it go with love, and find peace in your life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says: “Emotional or physical pain asks only that we not reject it, but instead, invite it to reveal its secret to us.”

To learn the lesson that emotional and physical pain has to teach you, however, you need to face it, not run from it, to give it your full attention. Once that emotion – which usually expresses itself in the form of fear – has been seen, and you are aware of what it has been teaching you, it will then be ready to leave, and you will be able to let it go.

An Exercise to Release All Fear

No one needs to live with fear. But few realize that they can process all fears and get rid of them. After doing this exercise you will know how to deal with all fear, so that it no longer controls your life.

Here is a very simple and easy way to process fear, that will effectively eliminate it from your life, no matter how long it has been there. It’s best to do it in a quiet space, when you are not feeling rushed.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Make a list of the fears that you want to work through.
Pick one to focus on.
Lie down flat on your back or sit with your back straight, to facilitate the movement of energy up your spine.
Close your eyes.

The Process

Begin with abdominal breathing slowly and deeply, letting the air go down into your abdomen.
Take a deep breath, and then push it out quickly, until all the air is out of your lungs and abdomen.
Return to your normal breathing pattern.

1) Scanning for Fear & Resistance

Welcome your guides, angels, healing family, the most appropriate ones to assist you with this healing.
Begin at your head, and scan your body, searching for the feeling of fear. Go right down to your toes.
Once you find a fear, here’s what you do:
Notice if there is any resistance in the form of sadness, judgment or nervousness.
Look at it and say: “Resistance you are welcome here. I infuse you with light and love.”
Keep saying that until it relaxes and you feel ready to move ahead to the next step.

2) Looking at the Fear

Find the fear again, and this time, simply, look at it. Stand there in your mind and observe it.
Don’t try to figure out what kind of fear it is, or how it got there, or why you have it.
Don’t let any thoughts enter your mind about this fear. Do not judge it. Do not analyze. Just observe it.
Allow it to be there.
Allow it to have its space in you.
Allow it to grow, if it wants to.
Just let it be.
Allow it to grow and to be.

It can be an irrational fear, or something from childhood, maybe a phobia you’ve always had.
Maybe it expresses itself in pain, a nausea in the pit of your stomach, a haunting thought or memory, an uneasy feeling, a dark void.
If it shows itself in a bodily discomfort, notice how it is expressing itself in your body.

3) Allowing Fear to Be Present

Continue looking at the fear. Give it your full attention.
Feel how it feels, as you look at it.
Tell it: “You are welcome to be here. I am giving you permission to be here now. I am giving you my full attention.”
It may become bigger, but you are still in control. Allow it to grow, as big as it wants to.
Watch it growing, let it have this time to fully express itself in you.
Remember, not to judge, not to analyze.
Just allow whatever comes up, to be, whether that is words, thoughts, memories or feelings.
It may move around the body, from your stomach to your shoulder, to your head.
It may make your body ache. Relax as much as you can while you are watching it.
Allow it to have its way. It has something to say to you.

It may change into another emotion. 
Keep watching it, notice what it does with interest, and greet every form of it that shows up.
It can show up in the form of pain, anxiety, heart palpitations, fluttery feelings, aching, trembling, flashbacks, yawning. It can manifest in different ways.

Speak to the fear, in your mind. Tell it: “You are welcome here, you are welcome here fear.”
As you do this, notice how the fear reacts. What is it that you are noticing about this fear?

4) Appreciating the Lessons Fear has Taught You

When you feel ready, move towards it, allow yourself to get close to it, and put your loving light all around it.
Feed it with light and love. Thank it for the great job it is doing, in teaching you the lessons it has for you.
Notice what happens as you give it love, acceptance, gratitude, and do not judge it, but accept it in peace.
What happens?

This fear has taught you valuable lessons about life. What has it taught you? Be grateful for what it has brought to you.

5) Releasing the Fear

The fear may be ready to leave, now that it knows it’s job is done. When you feel it is ready to leave, release it out into the Oneness of the Universe, with gratitude. So it can return to Source.

moving out fear

6) Infilling With Light and Love

Breathe deeply again. But this time, breathe in much more light and love, and let it go and fill up the spaces where fear used to live. 
Continue breathing in light and love allowing that light and love to expand throughout your body and all around you.

See and feel a fresh waterfall of clear, clean water entering from the top of your head and rushing down through your body, out through your toes, cleansing it and flushing it clean of any remaining debris of fear.

7) Sealing Your Energy Field

Now seal your energy field with white light, so that this fear cannot seep back in. You have released it in love, and it should now be gone.

Rescan your body to see if you can locate any vestiges of that fear that might still remain.  You can repeat the flushing with cleansing water, or repeat the whole exercise again, either now or later.
It is important to be able to let go of the fear, when it is no longer needed. Otherwise, it can lodge itself in your body and feed off your energy, leaving you tired, nervous, irritated and discontented.

Living Without Fear

When you are ready, open your eyes and rest. Feel the difference in your body, now that the fear has moved out. You should notice a difference.

Once the fear is gone, it is completely deactivated. You may feel more peaceful, quiet, and want to sleep. Some may feel a vibration in the body, but it’s not fear anymore. And the vibration will subside as you continue filling your energy field with love. 

Getting rid of one fear, may bring others that were hiding in the background, into your awareness. Repeat this exercise every day until there are no more fears in your life. The best thing to do is to deal with fears as they arise, rather than letting them grow and get a hook in your life. Use this exercise as a way to periodically check yourself for the presence of fear in your body and energy field.

There are many ways to calm a negative energy without suppressing or fighting it. You recognize it, you smile to it, and you invite something nicer to come up and replace it.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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