A New Consciousness is Here

a starry night
A new awakened state of consciousness has arrived on our planet. Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose calls it interchangeably ‘being’, ‘presence’, ‘alert stillness’, and ‘spaciousness’.

This new state of being is the wake up call that was heard by millions as we passed over the threshold into the 21st century.

It’s much more than the promise of that ‘brave new world’ which Aldous Huxley talked about. For we are stepping into a time in which people, are experiencing a new consciousness. They are moving out of rigid belief systems into a spacious awareness that leads to an inner peace that few have experienced.

Spanning the Cultural Divide
It is a world in which there is dissatisfaction with work, as we search for jobs we can enjoy and put our hearts into. It is a world in which there is dissatisfaction with our relationships as we move from relationship to relationship looking for more happiness in our private lives. The world is voicing it’s discontent with the news media as we demand the truth from journalists and mainstream media. It is reflected in the power of the people who instigate successful recall campaigns for self-serving politicians who are not representing their interests. It is reflected in the Arab Spring which generated the Occupy Movement and joined the cultural divisions across our world.

Even in our diet there is an enlightened movement towards eating foods that are pure, raw, organically grown, pesticide-free, and non GMO. And of course, we see more and more people becoming aware of the impact big business interests, like Monsanto, are having on the health of our planet.

Moving Beyond Fear, Violence and Suffering
We have longed to move beyond the pictures of fear, violence, and suffering that race across our television screens and scream at us in the headlines.

Within this setting, a new consciousness is being nurtured. We are not sitting back anymore. It is calling to the hearts of those who are seeking a better life, no longer convinced that the answer is to earn more money or go deeper into debt to buy more luxuries. We crave something on a more fundamental level ― deep within.

What Does This New Consciousness Look Like in Our Time?
It has become a movement that is countering the violence with stillness, overcoming the fear with love, soothing the suffering with peace.

It is speaking to more and more hearts and finding an attentiveness. Creative people have access to this state of consciousness, which is beyond “the voice in the head”. Within their field of creativity ― in the stillness of their being ― they find the content for their paintings, their songs, their stories – the momentum for their art.

More and more the ordinary person in the street is noticing the gaps that arise between their thoughts, as they step outside of judgment, analysis, criticism and the complaints of the intellect, and sense how beautiful, powerful, deep and serene, the state of not labeling, not judging, not knowing it all, can be. It is the essence that lies beyond thought.

A Portal to Liberation
In the field of ‘alert still presence’ we find more aliveness, and connection with an inner joy. We find a portal to liberation from the incessant, relentless demands of our world. The impermanence of structure was etched upon our collective mind’s eye as we viewed the destruction of those twin symbols of the American way of life, saw them crumble before our eyes, on that fateful September morning.

Where Does Our True Security Lie?
As the sub prime mortgage debacle of 2008, which tempted many to invest in buying their own piece of security, showed us, we are moving into a time when ownership is becoming meaningless. More and more, we are realizing that our sense of security can no longer be grounded in the world of form, but in the field of alive still presence inside each one of us – in this moment – now. There and there alone do we find real peace.

Inner Peace

Beyond Reaction to Inner Knowing
A deep peace, that is beyond understanding, happens as we enter the surrendered state of consciousness that takes us beyond reaction to the unstable forms around us, to a level of completeness where we can know who we really are. We then realize that we no longer need to inhabit a conceptual identity based on our life situation, that we can step out of that mental noise at any moment and come into the still field of Presence.

How Can We Step Out of the Mental Noise of This Moment Into ‘the Still, Clear Field of Now’?
By giving our total attention to whatever is happening around us, by surrendering to what is, we step into the clear field of ‘Now’. It can be a standing in the stillness between the words you are hearing.

It may be a letting go of a critical, judgmental thought that has just formed in your mind, and watching it drift away as if it had a life of it’s own, apart from you.

It might be noticing that you don’t have to be dragged around by your feelings, as they react to all the external emotional triggers that come up in the course of a day; that you can pull back out of it — and allow the form, that the moment takes, to be completely accepted for what it is. What a relief!

What is the Greatest Transformation That Can Happen to a Human Being?
We have the freedom not to think, not to label, not to react, and instead to practice detached watching, to become observers or witnesses. This is the greatest transformation that can happen to a human being. To be able to catch yourself in the midst of life and see it happening as if you were outside of it.

Living in the Awareness of the Universal Intelligence
At the beginning, for most of us, it may not be sustainable for long, because the ego-mind will try to take control very quickly. But little by little, as we surrender to the present, we notice a universal intelligence looking out at the world and relishing it through our very eyes.

You Too Can Stand in the Peace of the Universe
With time these fleeting moments of spacious awareness will become more frequent and stay longer. As more and more of us discover the new consciousness of living in the moment, “the eternal now“, as this consciousness spreads across cultures and languages, into a spaciousness beyond time.

Then each of us will come to know the peace that all of nature on this planet has known and we are beginning to glimpse. It’s the peace that we gaze out upon, on a clear night, as the stars twinkle against the backdrop of the velvet darkness. It’s what the spiritual writings refer to as: “the peace that passes all understanding”.

Feel that peace and sweetness now in your heart, and know that all is well, all is good, all is perfect – perfect in love, perfect in grace – in harmony with all things.


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