4 Strategies to Deflect Worry in Your Life

worryThe Definition of ‘Worry’
Worry is having serious concerns about the perceived outcome of a situation or event, in your life. Worry is expressed as repetitive thoughts, images and emotions that foresee a possible threat where there may not be one. If worry is ongoing, it can manifest as anxiety, which may lead to health problems. Use the 4 strategies below to deflect worry and protect yourself from the toll worry can take on you.

Is worrying taking the joy out of your life?
When was the last time you stopped in awe, to appreciate a sunset; took your shoes off and walked barefoot on the grass; experienced the relaxation of a soothing bath; sat and stroked a pet without worrying about time; or laughed out loud at something? These are some of the simple things in life that are so precious, yet we are often too busy for them.

Use these 4 strategies to counteract that Habit of Worrying.

Strategy #1 – Prioritize the 7 common worries in your life

  1. Health issues
  2. Money problems
  3. Marital issues
  4. Work related problems
  5. Children
  6. Environmental concerns – global warming, pollution, etc.
  7. World Affairs

Strategy #2 – Now that you are consciously aware of your main worries, list your coping strategies both positive and negative.

– I eat too much
– I drink too much
– I take drugs (prescription or otherwise)
– I talk them out with a friend or therapist
– I withdraw from the world
– I become angry, critical, and irritated
– I walk or do some form of exercise

Strategy #3 – Take your main concern and ask

– What am I expecting to happen in this situation?
– What is the worst that could happen?
– Do I have any concrete reasons to believe that things will turn out this way?
– Can I do anything to prevent this from happening?
– What can I do if it actually happens?

Strategy #4 – Give equal time to the positive

  • Visualize what you would like to happen in the best-case scenario.
  • Paint a picture in your mind of everything working out well.
  • File it away and take it out and look at it whenever worries come up.
  • Relax and enjoy looking at your vision of life as you would love it to be. Feel it in your heart.

You have just developed a plan of attack against worrying. Use these strategies with any concern that is bothering you.

Avoid letting the Habit of Worrying take over your life. You can cancel or minimize the toll worrying takes on you, by merely holding another view of things, the way you would like them to turn out.

Studies show that our thoughts and intentions do influence our everyday reality.

Remember 95% of the things we worry about, never actually happen
― and the other 5% – you probably couldn’t do much about anyway.

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