How to Make Your Own Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C

You can make your own Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C at home. It’s easy to make:

  • cheaper than Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
  • higher quality than standard Vitamin C
  • you always have a fresh, abundant supply available.
  • I’ve been trying this now for the past 3 months, and what has really amazed me is the fact that it has firmed and toned my skin in a way that none of the expensive Vitamin C anti-aging creams have been able to do. And I’ve also noticed that minor nicks, scratches, and bruises heal in a few days. Vitamin C seems to turn back the clock in terms of aging. Continue reading

    What to Do in the Event of an Earthquake

    ring of fireWhat to Expect When the Big One Hits
    When – not if – the big earthquake hits: Violent shaking may last two minutes or more. Sudden and intense back and forth motions of several feet per second will cause the floor or the ground to jerk sideways out from under you, and every unsecured object around you could topple, fall, or become airborne, with potential for serious injury.

    The clock is ticking on when a major earthquake will next strike the West Coast. Each day small quakes occur along the Ring of Fire reducing the stress on other locations. Do you know where your city is located along this Ring of Fire? See graphic. Continue reading

    Happy for No Reason

    “7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out” by Marci Shimoffhappy puffball

    Happy for No Reason is a wonderful read and I’d like to give you the inside story on it.

    There are, of course, skeptics who will dismiss the idea that happiness exists. Charles Simic, an American poet laureate, called it frightening that people need instructions on how to be happy. “How does one give directions in a book, about being happy?” he asks.

    Whether it’s frightening or not to some, it’s a fact that many people don’t know what happiness is. They have never experienced that joy at waking up each morning, happy to be alive, looking forward to another day, relishing the opportunities, the happy synchronicities, the quirks of each day that come their way.

    Some people even ask: “Who are you kidding?” They just don’t believe in happiness. Continue reading

    4 Strategies to Deflect Worry in Your Life

    worryThe Definition of ‘Worry’
    Worry is having serious concerns about the perceived outcome of a situation or event, in your life. Worry is expressed as repetitive thoughts, images and emotions that foresee a possible threat where there may not be one. If worry is ongoing, it can manifest as anxiety, which may lead to health problems. Use the 4 strategies below to deflect worry and protect yourself from the toll worry can take on you.

    Is worrying taking the joy out of your life?
    When was the last time you stopped in awe, to appreciate a sunset; took your shoes off and walked barefoot on the grass; experienced the relaxation of a soothing bath; sat and stroked a pet without worrying about time; or laughed out loud at something? These are some of the simple things in life that are so precious, yet we are often too busy for them. Continue reading

    Visioning Your Day

    visioning my dayThere is a very simple and easy way to step into your day using the technique of Visioning – or Envisioning what you want to achieve each day. At the end of the day you will then feel like you’ve actually done something with your time.

    • Do you take charge of your day, or is your day taking charge of you? Visioning is a method used by many to take control of their day.

    • When you wake up in the mornings, do you know exactly what you want to accomplish, where you are going and how to get there? Continue reading

    An Exercise for Releasing Fear From Your Life

    release fear
    Fear is at the root of many of our health issues. It can take over your mind, and your health can go downhill very fast. But when you realize that fear enters your life to teach you something, and you learn that lesson, then it has no reason to stay, and you can allow yourself to release it. Here is an exercise that effectively removes all fear from your life. It takes you step by step through the processing of fear to the point where you are able to let it go with love, and find peace in your life.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine says: “Emotional or physical pain asks only that we not reject it, but instead, invite it to reveal its secret to us.”

    To learn the lesson that emotional and physical pain has to teach you, however, you need to face it, not run from it, to give it your full attention. Once that emotion – which usually expresses itself in the form of fear – has been seen, and you are aware of what it has been teaching you, it will then be ready to leave, and you will be able to let it go. Continue reading

    Becoming Reacquainted with the Spirit of Money

    gold coinsWhat is Your Relationship with Money?

    Money problems are at the root of many health issues, because our relationship with money has become so unreal, so fraught with fear and uncertainty. Being so conflicted about not having enough money, losing money, owing money, being charged interest on money owed, is counter-productive. This post will show you how to forge a new positive relationship with it, that will permit you to attract more money into your life, and allow it to make life easier. Continue reading

    How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

    MarK Twain Quote
    Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are taking matters into their own hands, and finding workable skin-care solutions that are fresher, cheaper and safer than many of the expensive creams on the market.

    Most of the high priced anti-aging creams are between $25 and $50 per 2 oz bottle. However, you can save by making your own Vitamin C serum and adding it to your own inexpensive creams and lotions. Find out how to do it here. Continue reading

    What the Plastic Surgeons Say About Vitamin C for Anti-Aging

    Woman looking in mirrorOn this page:

    • How to take ten years off your face
    • Inexpensive ways to keep your skin hydrated
    • How to maintain collagen to keep your skin taut and elastic
    • How to lighten age spots or brown spots from sun damage
    • How to make your own cosmetics

    Is there a way to avoid getting crinkly, dry skin that sags with gravity, causing creepy neck syndrome, and droopy jowls? Yes there is and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can have access to the best creams that money can buy by making them yourself. Continue reading

    Gemstones a Natural Radiation Protection

    radiation protection
    Radiation protection is necessary, because radiation is all around us, in the air, the water, the food we eat. It causes us to feel unwell, and it can contribute to the eventual onset of disease. That’s why we need effective ways of protecting ourselves from this bombardment.

    Nature has provided the most effective means to do this using gemstones and precious metals. But we need to know which ones to use and how to use them, and how to keep them clean, so they retain their effectiveness. Continue reading

    Achieving Stillness in Your Life

    be-stillStillness is one of the major components of living with balance in your life. The question is how to find the stillness in the moment, even as we are rushing around doing all those things that need to be done. The key, it seems, is to not be caught up mindlessly in the mad rush, to remain somehow apart from it, to separate out who you are, even as you are part of it. So you can still be part of it all, without getting lost in it, and losing your balance, mentally, emotionally and physically. Continue reading

    Feeling Your Way to a Better Life

    You Are a Powerful Feeling Creator

    If, like me, you’ve been trying to find a way to bring more abundance into your life, then this audio presentation by Abraham is one that I think is worth spending 14 minutes with. It tells you how to reach a vibrational match with what you want. The technique you will learn about here is called “Forking”.

    What is the “Forking Off Process”?
    The Forking Process is similar to mind mapping. You begin with a thought, and then you “fork off” or follow the next thought that comes out of the previous one, in the direction you want to go. The goal is to change your feelings which in turn, will change the vibration or frequency that you are sending out to the universe, and reshape your life. Continue reading

    Suzanne Somers Delivers the Goods in Bombshell

    BombshellSuzanne Somer’s interviews 10 medical doctors in her latest book Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging which distills all the information in her previous books on anti-aging and health into one book. To really benefit from this book, a light read won’t do it. It’s a manual for anyone who is serious about knowing exactly how to implement anti-aging protocols, and to restore their energy and vitality, so they can enjoy their life, no matter what age they are.

    You know how most books talk around this subject of anti-aging, and don’t really get to the point. This book gets to the point, and you will understand it, because it’s written in easy-to-read language.

    If you are someone who is interested in anti-aging, but can’t afford to travel to the big name doctors, who have treated Suzanne and her husband Alan, this is the book for you. As you read through the interviews she does with these eleven medical doctors, you will be able to sit back and extract a lot of vital information that would cost you a bundle, if you had to pay for these consults yourself. Continue reading

    Going Back to the Beginning

    beginning again
    Beginning Over Again. What do you do when the job, the spouse, the house, or the town you’ve chosen to live in, isn’t working out?

    The problem is that few of us know how to deal with the challenge of realizing too late that we have taken the wrong fork in the road. The tendency is to move on to something new – a new job, a new partner, a new house, a new community. Continue reading

    Health Risks From Genetically Modified Wheat

    GM Wheat in Test TubesThere are major health risks associated with eating foods containing our modern genetically modified strains of wheat. These problems can have a delayed onset or an immediate onset. Wheat is sneaky. First, it lets you enjoy it, until you get hooked on it. Then with increased consumption, it begins to gradually cause reactions in the body that are mild at first, hardly noticeable.

    But the progression is insidious, and moves from mild discomfort to more serious disease. All the while, people have no clue that it is wheat that is behind the health conditions they are developing. Continue reading

    Our Love Affair with Wheat is Killing Us

    Big Belly WomenI recently read Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by Dr. William Davis. And it blew my socks off! This book has radically changed my ideas about the foods I eat, and I challenge you to read it and not be changed by it as well.

    Dr. Davis is a medical doctor based in Wisconsin who practices preventive cardiology. His book, which came out in 2011, rapidly shot to the top of Amazon’s Best sellers in Health, Fitness and Dieting, and it has been in the Top 100 on Amazon since it came out. It has also been the #1 bestseller on the New York Times Hardcover Advice Book List for 25 weeks. You might be wondering why. Continue reading

    Stepping Through the Stargate into a New Life

    The Stargate
    You can learn how to create your own personal stargate. There are 3 easy steps to manifesting what you want, and stepping through your own personal stargate into your dream. I like the simplicity of this method, because you can do it anywhere, and it’s easy to remember.

    Here’s what to do:

    1. Make a mental picture of what you want – see it in your mind’s eye.
    2. Infuse it with emotional energy – see it shimmering – as if you are looking at it through a stargate.
    3. Now step into that picture – and feel the energy of it all around you.

    Continue reading

    A Meditation to Focus Your Day

    meditation poseFeeling overwhelmed – try this short meditation. It will allow you to feel settled and much more at ease with your day, by helping you to prioritize your goals and relax.

    Select a time when you will not be disturbed, for about 15-20 minutes. Have a notebook and pen nearby. If you have access to a garden or park space, now would be a good time to take advantage of it. Sit comfortably, and breathe deeply 3 times, and as you exhale, breathe out any stress and tension in your body. Continue reading

    Just the Facts, Ma’am – The Facts About Antacids and Heartburn

    Chewable Tums tabletsPeople have been taking antacids for indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn since 1930, when Tums was first introduced as an over-the-counter medication. In the short-term, Tums do the job. But long-term use is where trouble enters the picture. Antacids are used to treat gastro esophageal reflux disease – often called GERD. GERD is defined as chronic heartburn that occurs two or more times a week.

    The fact is that 100 million Americans actually turn off their stomach acid secretions almost completely, by the long-term use of antacids. And that means they cannot digest their food. So the body becomes chronically malnourished. They constantly feel hungry, but never feel satisfied.

    “Tums for the Tummy!” the well-known advertising slogan seems as innocent as Dr. Mom. What could be wrong with Tums? These calcium-based antacids come in capsules, syrup, and chewable tablets flavored with peppermint, and berries, as well as four appealing colors. Many people pop them like candy. Some even use them as a source of calcium to keep their bones strong. Continue reading

    How to Look Younger at Any Age

    What can a 81 year old woman tell us about how to look younger? Plenty, it appears! At age 81, Oleda Baker’s looks are nothing short of phenomenal! She not only looks much younger, she moves and acts like a woman 40 years younger than she is. And that’s something you just can’t fake.

    Take a look at this video of Oleda at home, relaxing and enjoying herself dancing at 81.

    Shared with Oleda’s Permission

    Does Oleda Know Something We Don’t Know?

    Oleda may have discovered an anti-aging secret that even she does not realize. The clue is in the belief she has always lived by: “If you are gaining weight, just eat less”. It turns out, according to the research, that people who are thin live longer. Is that her secret?

    If Oleda looked old and her skin was shriveled up, we could dismiss her. At a certain age, many women willingly retire into the background, glad to be off the “roller coaster” of life. But one look at Oleda, and you know she is loving the ride! Continue reading

    Are The Clothes You Are Wearing Making You Sick?

    This blog will tell you about some safe and practical ways to clean your clothes and save money. You’ll also get a free Personal Care and Cleaning Products Shoppers’ Safety Guide to which soaps, laundry detergents, household cleaners, shampoos and conditioners, facial cleansers, body washes, lotions, sunscreens and deodorants, are safe to use, as well as a list of products on the Caution List and Avoidance List. Continue reading

    A New Consciousness is Here

    a starry night
    A new awakened state of consciousness has arrived on our planet. Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose calls it interchangeably ‘being’, ‘presence’, ‘alert stillness’, and ‘spaciousness’.

    This new state of being is the wake up call that was heard by millions as we passed over the threshold into the 21st century. Continue reading

    How Your Digestive System Protects You from Disease

    digestive system
    Digestive system disease is on the rise. Recently I happened to see a Public Broadcasting Special on TV called “The Road to Perfect Health” with Brenda Watson. Brenda is a Certified Nutritional Consultant based in Florida. She is considered one of the foremost authorities on Probiotics and Nutrition in America today. Our “digestive system” is what Brenda Watson likes to call our “Gut Protection System” or GPS. She explained how to boost our GPS so that it is able to perform its natural function of protecting the body’s primary defence system – our gut.

    Her presentation was so clear and laid out so well, that I bought her 650 page book: The Road to Perfect Health, which is available through her PBS special a couple of times a year.

    Below is information that you may find useful, about how your digestive system protects you from disease, and a whole slew of problems associated with poor digestive health. Continue reading

    Programming the Body for Destruction – How Junk Food Turns Your Digestive System Against You

    junk food of delightsFor the past 25 years, the food industry has been quietly programming our bodies for destruction by turning our digestive systems against us with enticing junk food. Food-like substances that delight the senses and create a euphoric experience of well being are a key players in this program.

    Just to give you an idea of how junk food turns your digestive system against you and causes disease, here is a tidbit of information for you to digest. Aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in many foods, is 11% methanol. You see a lot of people taking it in diet sodas. Maybe you even drink them yourself. Continue reading

    Coconut Oil – A Real Breakthrough for Treating Alzheimer’s

    Breaking News


    With 6-8 treatments over 6-8 weeks, researchers found that 50% of amyloid plaques were removed from the brain and memory function was restored, to what would be found in normal mice, in 75% of mice.

    Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques – structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

    Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a build-up of two types of lesions – amyloid plaques, and neurofibrillary tangles. Amyloid plaques sit between the neurons and cause a sticky type of protein that clumps together and forms plaques.

    Focused Therapeutic Ultrasound” is a special type of non-invasive treatment that beams sound waves into the brain tissue. By high speed oscillation these sound waves gently open up the blood-brain barrier, and activate the brain’s microglial cells.

    Microglila cells remove waste from the cells and clear out the toxic beta-amyloid clumps that are responsible for the worst symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

    Hear a radio interview with the research team Here

    Coconut in the shell
    Coconut oil may hold the key to unlocking the riddle of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia like MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, schizophrenia, autism, bi-polar, as well as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, heart-related illness and even brain-fog.

    Alzheimer’s currently afflicts 5.2 million people in the US and is predicted to explode to 15 million by 2050. It’s the 7th leading cause of death for seniors. But now there is new hope. Continue reading

    The Role of Magnesium in Preventing Bone Loss

    porous bone imageMagnesium is a co-factor with calcium in preventing bone loss. According to the Nutritional Magnesium Association 75-80 percent of Americans are chronically deficient in magnesium. Low magnesium has been linked to anxiety, panic attacks, leg and muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, fatigue, depression, nervousness, high blood pressure and a lot more. Magnesium plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body. Continue reading

    The Skinny on Preventing Bone Loss

    cow eating grass

    Preventing bone loss is important. All through our lives, in school, when we go to our doctors, in ads on TV and in magazines, and from well meaning family and friends, we are advised to take calcium to keep our bones strong. “Drink Milk, it does a body good!”

    But are calcium supplements and milk really the answer to preventing bone loss? Continue reading

    The Rise of Tyranny An Interview With Jonathan Emord

    Rise of Tyranny
    In the video below, you will hear a riveting interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with a man who has eloquence, intelligence, vision, and above all honesty and a passion for justice.

    Attorney Jonathan Emord contends that the drug companies own congress. They control the passing of laws in their favor. They get passed almost 100% of laws that they want to put into force. They write and decide what congress will pass. They influence the FDA commissioner, push drugs with adverse side-effects, and they heavily influence the conduct of congress.

    The Background
    Jonathan Emord is an American attorney who practices constitutional and administrative law. He represents food and dietary supplement manufacturers, physicians who practice integrative medicine, and non-profit groups, and is the only non-scientist board member of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists.

    In 1999, Emord defeated the Food and Drug Administration in the landmark First Amendment case Pearson v. Shalala. He went on to defeat the FDA in federal court an additional seven times, six on First Amendment grounds making him the only attorney in American history to have achieved 8 victories over the FDA. [Source:]

    The Book
    He has written eloquently in his book The Rise of Tyranny about how the constitutional Republic of the United States has, especially since the 1930’s, been undergoing a radical transformation from a republic into a bureaucratic oligarchy, where now 250 regulatory commissions possess governing control on the federal level to the extent that 9/10ths of all law made by the Federal Government is not the product of those we elect, but is rather the product of regulation created by the unelected heads of these bureaucratic agencies.

    His premise is that the government of the US was based on 2 founding principles, without which a republic cannot exist.

    1) that the government is based upon the consent of those who are governed
    2) that a just government defends the rights of the governed.

    Why is his book called The Rise of Tyranny?

    Because it focuses on how these bureaucratic agencies, equipped with such all-encompassing power, rule without restraint and have replaced a limited Federal Republic, with an unlimited bureaucratic oligarchy. He makes a strong case for the belief that they are raining terror down on specific sectors of the marketplace, that are disfavored by them.

    Thomas Jefferson’s 1st Inaugural Address in 1801:
    “A wise and frugal government shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor, the bread it has earned.”

    Jonathan Emord believes that today, we have the opposite of what Jefferson described. “We have a government that is replacing our freedom of choice, with what the political powers think is in our best interest, even if it disagrees with what we consider to be in our own best interest.”

    Books by Jonathan Emord

    The Rise of Tyranny
    How Federal Agencies Abuse Power and Pose Risks to Your Life and Liberty (c) 2008
    Shows how the constitutional republic of the United States has, since the 1930’s, been systematically transformed from a republic, into a bureaucratic oligarchy, where 250 regulatory commissions now possess governing control on the federal level, to the extent that 9/10ths of all law made by the Federal Government is not the product of those we elect, but is rather, the product of regulation created by the unelected heads of these bureaucratic agencies.

    Global Censorship of Health Information
    The Politics of Controlling Therapeutic Information to Protect State-Sponsored Drug Monopolies (c) 2010

    The Ultimate Price
    How Congress has delegated away all its powers to unelected bureaucrats who enact laws without having to account for their actions to Congress, the Courts, or the American people. (c) 2007

    More on Jonathan Emord

    Will Flying on Long-Haul Flights Shorten Your Lifespan?

    passengers boarding a long-haul flight
    Long-haul Air Travel is part of our lives. There is mounting evidence that flying shortens your lifespan. This is especially true for those who frequently travel long-haul flights.

    Airlines have conducted studies and found shorter life expectancy among airline personnel, but these studies have, as yet, not been made public. Continue reading

    Are You Living with Brain Fog?

    brain fog

    One of the scariest brain fog episodes I found myself in, happened about ten years ago. I was in a mall and casually going from store to store, when I realized I couldn’t remember why I had gone there. Now that’s not uncommon. I could have easily rationalized it by saying: “Well I’m just browsing around the mall”. However, it continued to happen. For example, I would be standing in the kitchen trying to remember a recipe that I’d used hundreds of time. I started asking around, to see if others were experiencing anything like this. Continue reading

    In the Matrix Your Conscious Feelings Create Your Reality

    the matrixIs it true that our conscious feelings create our reality in the matrix? The video below entitled “The Matrix of Illusion” will help you find the answer to that question and decide for yourself.

    In this video, you’ll hear: Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, David Wilcock, David Icke, Michael Talbot, Gregg Braden, David Lynch, James Traitz, Bruce Lipton, Robert Anton Wilson, Neil Kramer, Grant Morrison, and Bill Hicks. Continue reading

    10 Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction

    thyroid Look over these symptoms. If you have a number of them, it might be worth having your thyroid checked.

    • Fatigue – feeling exhausted when you wake up, even after 8-10 hours sleep. Hyperthyroidism – or overactive thyroid production also causes insomnia.
    • Weight Changes – you can be on a diet but are not losing any weight – Low thyroid production or hypothyroidism may be responsible
    • Depression & Anxiety – hypothyroidism is associated with depression, hyperthyroidism with anxiety
    • Cholesterol Irregularities– if you are taking medication for high cholesterol and it’s not working, maybe you have undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Low cholesterol could mean hyperthyroidism. Only a blood test can tell for sure.
    • Thyroid Problems Run in Your Family
    • Neck Swelling – discomfort in the neck
    • Hair Loss – Coarse Thick Skin
    • Constipation – this can be a symptom of many health problems
    • Muscle & Joint Pains – weak arms, carpel tunnel can be related to thyroid dysfunction
    • Cold hands and feet – intolerance for cold, for example, wearing socks in bed.

    Continue reading

    Healthy Fats vs. Deadly Fats

    right fats
    The word “fat” throws off a lot of people. But not all fats are bad.

    In fact, if your brain is to continue running clearly, and your memory is to remain intact, you need essential fatty acids (EFAs) in your diet.

    People who don’t have enough EFA’s in their foods eventually start to complain of Brain Fog. The key is to be able to distinguish the ‘good fats’ from the ‘bad fats’. Continue reading

    Navigating the Menopausal Years

    Menopause the Musical Most of us sail along in life unaware of the key role our hormones play in our everyday lives until we bump up against Perimenopause and later Menopause. Then all of a sudden things change.

    We can’t get a good night’s sleep, our libido disappears, things that never bothered us before, begin to irritate and annoy us, moodiness and impatience seem to take over our lives. We start to gain weight, experience brain fog, short-term memory lapses, tiredness. Continue reading

    10 Ways to Protect From Radiation Fallout

    Radiation Warning Sign
    In March 2011, after the Fukushima nuclear reactor explosions in Japan, we all began living under daily radiation, both chemical and biological. Much of it is invisible to the naked eye. The effects of it may not be felt for years, even decades. But nonetheless, we are living in a time when man-made catastrophes are threatening the health of all living beings on earth. Continue reading

    Food Cures For What Ails You

    nutritious foods in a market displayAre you suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, or arthritis? You may be able to turn things around and feel better through your food choices.

    Treating Diabetes with Chromium Containing Foods
    Diabetes, can be brought on by a deficiency in a mineral called chromium which helps the body use insulin. Chromium is found in onions, tomatoes, beef and sweet potatoes. Eating these foods can lower your LDL cholesterol levels too. One of the most effective foods for lowering blood sugar levels is cinnamon. Cinnamon mimics insulin and lowers blood sugar by up to 20%. Look for recipes that use this ingredient and make it a staple in your diet. Continue reading

    What’s Wrong with Drinking Soda Pop?

    This is an actual advertisement from 1955. The small print says:

    “Why we have the youngest customers in the business. This young man is 11 months old and he isn’t our youngest customer by any means. For 7-Up is so pure, so wholesome, you can give it to babies and feel good about it. By the way Mom, when it comes to toddlers, if they have to be coaxed to drink their milk, try this. Add 7-Up to the milk in equal parts.”

    Unbelievable! Hard to imagine an ad like that today. But the advertisers of that time knew what they were doing. They were establishing family habits. Because they knew the habits that we grow up with are passed on through generations. Maybe we don’t give it to babies, but we see toddlers drinking soda pop everywhere we go. Continue reading

    Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Making You Fat?

    made with real sugar PepsiYou know that something is wrong with high fructose corn syrup when you see ads touting: “Made with Real Sugar“.

    What’s Wrong With High Fructose Corn Syrup?
    Foods used to be made with real sugar, which was something we tried to avoid. Now manufacturers have discovered how to save money by using corn syrups instead of sugar to sweeten their products. Continue reading